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👋 Hi! I am Abhishek
📚 I am trying to better myself at react native and stuff that goes along with it irl
👨‍🎓 I am in my 4th Semester

⚛️ I have self-taught myself React Native (TS)
🐍 Also, know some python for web scraping and tinkering

Abhishek Sah's Projects

AmityDayScheduleScript photo AmityDayScheduleScript

This Script sends you a screenshot of your days' classes every morning so that you do not miss your classes.

doggohumanagecalc photo doggohumanagecalc

You enter the dog's age and you get to know how old he/she is in human years.

local-local-time photo local-local-time

Want to know the local time as accurate as possible to your exact longitude. Try Local Local Time

moviesTrackerApp photo moviesTrackerApp

uses TMDb API for movies and TV Shows and kitsu for anime to get the data from the their databases and the users are therefore able to search for the movies by title and save them in the app and keep track of it.

omni photo omni

The all-in-one interface for Chrome

organiser-scraper photo organiser-scraper

Scrapes and saves the organiser magazine (mouthpiece of the RSS) and saves it as plain text to be used for Natural language processing.

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