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Mehdi's Projects

3d_video icon 3d_video

How to record two videos using two webcams simultaneously through MATLAB

arduino icon arduino

ArduinoProjects , Hardware and Software

bandpass_filter icon bandpass_filter

I implemented a BandPass Filter of 2nd Order into simulink by using Analog components : Resistors and Capacitors.

cnc_2010 icon cnc_2010

Solution of the National Common Competition of 2010

cnc_2011 icon cnc_2011

Solution of Common National Competition of 2011

cnc_2012 icon cnc_2012

A solution of CNC_2012 using C language

cnc_2014 icon cnc_2014

The solution of the National Common Competition of 2014

codeforces icon codeforces

Resolving CodeForces Problem using C Programming Language

designapplications icon designapplications

I design software applications such as Digital Filters and Plotting Graphs using Matlab

discretefouriertransform icon discretefouriertransform

The DFT is primary tool in digital signal processing. So, we will see how it works and how we can implement it within MATLAB and discover its relationship with SNR.

filter_8th_order_matlab icon filter_8th_order_matlab

Create a 8th order filter in Matlab and pass a noisy sinus pulse through it and see the result in Frequency Domain

goertzel-algorithm icon goertzel-algorithm

The Goertzel algorithm is a technique in digital signal processing (DSP) that provides a means for efficient evaluation of individual terms of the discrete Fourier transform (DFT)

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