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This project forked from Tishacy/SciDownl

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Download pdfs from Scihub via DOI. Easy to use. Easy to deal with captcha. Easy to update Scihub newest domains.

License: MIT License

Python 100.00%

SciDownl's Introduction


Download pdfs from Scihub via DOI.

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to deal with captcha.
  • Easy to update Scihub newest domains.


$ pip3 install -U scidownl


Command line

$ scidownl -h
usage: Command line tool to download pdf via DOI from Scihub.
       [-h] [-c CHOOSE] [-D DOI] [-o OUTPUT] [-u] [-l]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CHOOSE, --choose CHOOSE
                        choose scihub url by index
  -D DOI, --DOI DOI     the DOI number of the paper
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        directory to download the pdf
  -u, --update          update available Scihub links
  -l, --list            list current saved sichub urls


# Update available links of Scihub
$ scidownl -u
[INFO] Updating links ...

# Choose scihub url by the index.
$ scidownl -c 5
Current scihub url:

# List available links of Scihub. You can see the current scihub url is pointing to the 5th scihub url.
$ scidownl -l
* [5]

# Download to the current directory
$ scidownl -D 10.1021/ol9910114
$ scidownl -D 10.1021/ol9910114 -o .

# Download to the specified directory, ie. '-o paper' for downloading to paper directory.
$ scidownl -D 10.1021/ol9910114 -o paper

# if 'PermessionError' shows, just use sudo. ie:
$ sudo scidownl -u


If you have a list of DOIs, using scidownl in your python scripts for downloading all of the papers is recommended.

Download single paper via DOI.

from scidownl.scihub import *

DOI = "10.1021/ol9910114"
out = 'paper'
sci = SciHub(DOI, out).download(choose_scihub_url_index=3)

Dowloading a list of DOIS by simply using a for loop.

from scidownl.scihub import *

DOIs = [...]
out = 'paper'
for doi in DOIs:
  SciHub(doi, out).download(choose_scihub_url_index=3)

Update available Scihub links.

from scidownl.update_link import *

# Use crawling method to update available Scihub links.
# Use brute force search method to update available Scihub links.


  • v0.1.0: First release.
  • v0.2.0:
    • Optimized the download speed.
    • Optimized the captcha processment.
  • v0.2.1:
    • Applied stream download.
    • Display of download progress is added.
    • Fixed bugs of invalid scihub links.
  • v0.2.2:
    • Add new source website.
    • Add -l/--list argument in command line tool.
  • v0.2.3:
    • Fix bugs of empty filename and wrong scidhub urls.
    • Fix bugs in the brute-force method of updating scihub urls.
  • V0.2.4:
    • Fix #2.
    • Fix bugs of error: file name too long.
  • V0.2.5:
    • Reconstruct code.
    • Fix 'no content-length' error.
    • Add -c/--choose argument for manually choosing scihub url used.
  • V0.2.6:
    • Fix bug where retry time too long.
  • V0.2.7:
    • Add -b/--brute-update argument for updating scihub urls by brute-force search method.
  • V0.2.8:
    • Replace the mspider with qspider in brute-force search.


Copyright (c) 2019 tishacy.

Licensed under the MIT License.

SciDownl's People


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