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Fahad Abul's Projects

Alberta-Industrial photo Alberta-Industrial

ML algorithm to study the effect of COVID 19 on Alberta industrial zone air pollution using weather normalization method

ALO-an-image-to-voice-converter-for-visually-challenged- photo ALO-an-image-to-voice-converter-for-visually-challenged-

This project aims to help the visually impaired people. We believe that Technology can ensure the welfare of humanity. Hence we should employ our technical knowledge to make the lives of many disabled people better. In this project, we have tried to implement an image-to-voice converter application that enables the visually impaired person to take a image of the written content and then listen to what is there.

alpg photo alpg

Artificial Load Profile Generator for DSM

anfis photo anfis

Python implementation of an Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system

arblog photo arblog

Just the base camp for my website

battery photo battery

Simple battery optimization code (a proof of concept project for cvxpy)

book-resource-allocation photo book-resource-allocation

Simulation code for the book “Optimal Resource Allocation in Coordinated Multi-Cell Systems” by Emil Björnson and Eduard Jorswieck, Foundations and Trends in Communications and Information Theory, vol. 9, no. 2-3, pp. 113-381, 2013

bursty-POT photo bursty-POT

Source code for the paper "Inference for Continuous Time Random Maxima with Heavy-Tailed Waiting Times"


COHORT: Coordination of Heterogeneous Thermostatically Controlled Loads for Demand Flexibility

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