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1986 icon 1986

The human race peaked in 1986!

acpi_call icon acpi_call

A linux kernel module that enables calls to ACPI methods through /proc/acpi/call. [maintainer=@teleshoes /@Mic92]

apptivator icon apptivator

A macOS menubar app which activates applications via global shorcuts ⌨️

archlinux icon archlinux

Arch Linux kernel sources, with patches (Mirror)

atv-ui icon atv-ui

Simple HTTP server for a gesture-based AppleTV Remote UI

aurrs icon aurrs

An experimental wrapper for pacman.

automod icon automod

Pull in every source file in a directory as a module

bat icon bat

A cat(1) clone with wings.

bitport icon bitport

A program to export all of your bitwarden data, including attachments!

bytesize icon bytesize

An utility that easily makes bytes size representation and helps its arithmetic operations.

colorcode icon colorcode

The Cross-Browser Syntax Highlighter Extension! 🎉

convert-apple-loops icon convert-apple-loops

A simple script that converts the Apple Loops from Garageband from `caf` into `aiff` so other programs (like Ableton) can use them.

cydia icon cydia

dbus-rs icon dbus-rs

D-Bus binding for the Rust language

easy_collections icon easy_collections

Wrappers around standard collections for ease of use and quick prototyping

edgecase icon edgecase

Website for learning algorithms and participating in programming competitions.

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