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This project forked from sberk42/fritzbox_exporter

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Fritz!Box statistics exporter for prometheus

License: Apache License 2.0

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prometheus prometheus-exporter golang fritzbox fritz-box upnp lua

fritzbox_exporter's Introduction

Fritz!Box Upnp statistics exporter for prometheus

This exporter exports some variables from an AVM Fritzbox to prometheus.

This exporter is tested with a Fritzbox 4040 software version 07.14.


go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
go install


In the configuration of the Fritzbox the option "Statusinformationen über UPnP übertragen" in the dialog "Heimnetz > Heimnetzübersicht > Netzwerkeinstellungen" has to be enabled.


$GOPATH/bin/fritzbox_exporter -h
Usage of ./fritzbox_exporter:
    If set ALL available upnp metrics will be collected
-gateway-lua-url string
    The URL of the FRITZ!Box - LUA (default "")
-gateway-upnp-url string
    The URL of the FRITZ!Box - UPNP (default "")
-listen-address string
    The address to listen on for HTTP requests. (default "")
-metrics-lua string
    The JSON file with the lua metric definitions.
-metrics-upnp string
    The JSON file with the upnp metric definitions.
-password string
    The password for the FRITZ!Box
-result-file-upnp string
    The JSON file where to store upnp export results during test
-result-file-upnp-all string
    The JSON file where to store the result during collect
-result-file-lua string
    The JSON file where to store lua export results during test
    test configured metrics
-username string
    The user for the FRITZ!Box UPnP service

Example execution

Running within prometheus:

$GOPATH/bin/fritzbox_exporter -username <username> -password <password> -metrics-upnp $GOPATH/bin/metrics-upnp.json -metrics-lua $GOPATH/bin/metrics-lua.json

Test exporter with upnp metrics and result file storage:

$GOPATH/bin/fritzbox_exporter -username <username> -password <password> -test -metrics-upnp $GOPATH/bin/metrics-upnp.json -result-file-upnp $GOPATH/bin/result-upnp.json

Test exporter with lua metrics and result file storage:

$GOPATH/bin/fritzbox_exporter -username <username> -password <password> -test -metrics-lua $GOPATH/bin/metrics-lua.json -result-file-lua $GOPATH/bin/result-lua.json

Print all available upnp metrics and its results:

$GOPATH/bin/fritzbox_exporter -username <username> -password <password> -collect-upnp -result-file-upnp-all $GOPATH/bin/result-upnp-collect.json

Grafana Dashboard

The dashboard is published here Grafana.

Dashboard ID is 13377.


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