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Zheyu Zhang's Projects

biome icon biome

A toolchain for web projects, aimed to provide functionalities to maintain them.

deno icon deno

A secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime

deno_ast icon deno_ast

Source text parsing, lexing, and AST related functionality for Deno

deno_bindgen icon deno_bindgen

Simplified glue code generation for Deno FFI libraries written in Rust.

deno_lint icon deno_lint

Blazing fast linter for JavaScript and TypeScript written in Rust

dnt icon dnt

Deno to npm package build tool.

node icon node

Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

node_deno_shims icon node_deno_shims

npm packages providing shims for the Deno namespace and other globals. Useful for running Deno-first programs on Node.

oxc icon oxc

The JavaScript Oxidation Compiler

rescript-core icon rescript-core

A drop-in standard library for ReScript. Intended to be familiar for JavaScript developers, easy to use, and be rich enough (without being bloated) so that you don't need to reach for anything else for typical ReScript development.

stc icon stc

Speedy TypeScript type checker

swc icon swc

Rust-based platform for the Web

swr icon swr

React Hooks for data fetching

syntax icon syntax

ReScript's syntax as a standalone repo.

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