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A client packaged based on StackExchange.Redis that operates Tair For Redis Modules.

  • TairString, is a string that contains s version number.(Open sourced)
  • TairHash, is a hash that allows you to specify the expiration time and verison number of a field.(Open sourced)
  • TairZset, allows you to sort data of the double type based on multiple dimensions. (Open sourced)
  • TairDoc, to perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on JSON data.
  • TairGis, allowing you to query points, linestrings, and polygons. (Open Sourced)
  • TairBloom, is a Bloom filter that supports dynamic scaling.
  • TairRoaring, is a more efficient and balanced type of compressed bitmaps recognized by the industry.
  • TairSearch, is a full-text search module developed in-house based on Redis modules.
  • TairCpc, is a data structure developed based on the compressed probability counting (CPC) sketch.
  • TairTs, is a time series data structure that is developed on top of Redis modules.



private static readonly ConnectionMultiplexer connDC = ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect("localhost");
private readonly TairString tair = new(connDC, 0);

Use ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect to create a ConnectionMultiplexer instance. Connection can be passed a configuration string or a ConfigurationOptions object. Once a ConnectionMultiplexer instance is created, a redis database (whether standalone or clustered) can be accessed.

Next, create the corresponding Module object, and then access the database. In addition, redis supports multiple databases, so when new an object, specify the corresponding database through the second parameter. (Clusters do not support this feature)


For StackExchange.Redis, use ExecuteAsync to return the result as Task<RedisResult> type, you can use the following methods to get the real result

var ret1 = tairStringAsync.exset("key", "value");
Console.WriteLine(ResultHelper.Long(ret1.Result));//output "OK"

.Result is used to get the result of Async execution, ResultHelper.Long is used to convert RedisResult to the result required by the user.


An example of TairString is as follows:

using System.Text;
using Alibaba.TairSDK.TairString;
using StackExchange.Redis;

namespace TestString
    public class Program
        private static readonly ConnectionMultiplexer connDC = ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect("localhost:6379");
        private static readonly TairString tair = new(connDC, 0);
        static void Main(string[] args)
            var bkey = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("bkey");
            var bvalue = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("bvalue");
            var key = "key";
            var value = "value";

            var ret = tair.exset(key, value);
            var result = tair.exget(key);

            ret = tair.exset(bkey, bvalue);
            var bresult = tair.exget(bkey);


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