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Hi, 👋 I'm Adam

🚀 Full-Stack JavaScript Developer | Tech Enthusiast | Building with Svelte & Rust | Angular Pro

Formerly an electronic/mechanical technologist, I've transitioned into the world of full-stack development. With a passion for all things tech, I'm on a quest for mastery in computer science.

Currently, I'm crafting exciting projects in my free time, exploring the power of Svelte & Rust, while professionally wielding the Angular toolkit. Dive into my projects, and if you're up for it, I welcome your valuable feedback on my creations!

Let's innovate and code the future together! 🌟

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Currently Working on...

Blog CMS - An app that can allow multiple users to make blog posts

Brewtal - An app for coffee perfectionists to share brew profiles for their favorite beans and blends. Repo.

Adam's Projects

fpthefastway icon fpthefastway

Examples from 'Learn Functional Programming the Fast Way'

info_site icon info_site

A basic informational site built with nodeJs

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