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Andy Geers's Projects

appauth-android icon appauth-android

Android client SDK for communicating with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect providers.

archive-zip icon archive-zip

A simple Ruby-esque interface to creating, extracting, and updating ZIP archives in 100% Ruby.

bypass icon bypass

Skip the HTML, Bypass takes markdown and renders it directly on Android and iOS.

chronic icon chronic

Chronic is a pure Ruby natural language date parser.

cropimage icon cropimage

Replacement for deprecated official Android crop image function

devise icon devise

Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden.

dualmarchingcuboids icon dualmarchingcuboids

A dual Marching Cubes method using cuboids, based on greedy meshing. Suitable for use with a uniform grid of data derived from multiple depth maps.

euclid icon euclid

A Swift library for creating and manipulating 3D geometry

firebase-keysafe icon firebase-keysafe

A backend service to aid in encrypting a Firebase database by securely storing user's data encryption keys.

flutter_rncryptor icon flutter_rncryptor

A high-level AES encryption/decryption dart library compatible with Rob Napier's RNCryptor for iOS.

mojibake icon mojibake

Recover mojibake text using a reverse-mapping table

monotimelapse icon monotimelapse

Utility scripts to help with creating time-lapse videos from my MonoPrice Voxel

nsurl-gravatar icon nsurl-gravatar

NSURL+Gravatar is a `NSURL` category to generate Gravatar URLs.

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