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Hi there

1st year student at AI & Data Science // Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Stuff I do

  • Frontend - React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, and more..
  • Backend & DB - Django, Next.js, Express.js, Laravel, Sqlite, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Web scraping, IoT - Raspberrypi/Arduino

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Stuff I like to use:

Python Django TypeScript Next JS Vue.js Svelte Postgres TailwindCSS Laravel Visual Studio Code Git Arch

Aditya Raj's Projects

destreamer icon destreamer

Save Microsoft Stream videos for offline enjoyment.

eleventy-stylus-blog-theme icon eleventy-stylus-blog-theme

Repository for a template blog website built out using Eleventy static site generator and Stylus CSS preprocessor

medium-unlimited icon medium-unlimited

A browser extension to read articles for free without membership.

normcap icon normcap

OCR powered screen-capture tool to capture information instead of images

notea icon notea

📒 Self hosted note taking app stored on S3

pfpgen icon pfpgen

Default profile picture generator microservice using fastapi

sharedown icon sharedown

Electron application to download Sharepoint videos (especially meant for students)

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