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external_staker's Introduction

External Staker

This is an external staker designed to be used with Aion's Unity Hybrid Consensus Protocol. The staker can be used to interact with a Unity-enabled node over RPC.

The staker is largely built on top of the RPC functionality provided by the Node Test Harness.

Launching the staker

The staker can be used directly from the terminal by launching

java -jar external_staker.jar <args>

The staker takes the following arguments when launched:

  1. (required) the private key of the signing address of the staker.

  2. (required) the identity address of the staker.

  3. (optional)) the IP address of a Unity-enabled node accepting RPC requests. If this argument isn't provided, is used as default.

  4. (optional)) the port on which this node is accepting RPC requests. If this argument isn't provided, 8545 is used as default.


Once launched, the staker repeatedly queries the node over RPC, and submits signed staking blocks. Note that it aggressively sends a signed block as soon as it produces it; the nodes must reject future blocks if they want to.

external_staker's People


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external_staker's Issues

Remove logging msg

I am sending: "0x9907b13575a63ee38edf735d9ead23acfb14c46148eca83521d68e49d45cfeebf7d3a6d1a1679115c4addbe0992bc6eb82a626e308036f7500d440ff8b97bd01", "0xea3b1f6b8612427dd23d68bd69ef89534bb182d924f6fc5e7483979d038c6883"

Allowing input 64 bytes private key

Most of our tools, kernel, wallets and etc exports full 64-byte private key for the user instead of 32 bytes. User experience can be improved if not asking the user to cut the private key they have to half and input.

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