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Shogo Ohta's Projects

aintegrant icon aintegrant

Aintegrant ain't Integrant, it's Async Integrant!

algorithm-exercise icon algorithm-exercise


applicosan icon applicosan

My personal Slack bot built with Duct framework

ar-sample icon ar-sample

AR sample project using AR.js from ClojureScript

babashka icon babashka

Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting

bcftools icon bcftools

This is the official development repository for BCFtools. To compile, the develop branch of htslib is needed: git clone --branch=develop git:// htslib

bigmouth icon bigmouth

Clojure framework to build delivery-only Mastodon-compatible web apps

clj-callgraph icon clj-callgraph

A call graph generator for Clojure (with some fun features)

clj-check icon clj-check

lein-check alternative for Clojure CLI tool

clj-skkserv icon clj-skkserv

An skkserv server framework in Clojure, heavily inspired by Ring architecture

cljs-ajax icon cljs-ajax

simple Ajax client for ClojureScript and Clojure

clojars-rss icon clojars-rss

Unofficially generated RSS feeds for libraries recently updated on Clojars

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