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Hi! I'm @azu.

I've worked on Open Source since 2010. I've created 500+ npm pacakges and These are 10 million downloads a year.

I've created and now maintain many open-source projects:

  • textlint is a linter for natural languages
  • Secretlint is a pluggable linting tool to prevent committing credential.
  • HonKit build books using Markdown
  • etc...

Also, I the main writer of some blogs about JavaScript and ECMAScript.

I've written JavaScript books as Open Source in Japanese.

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azu's Projects

adbdownloadmanager icon adbdownloadmanager

A download manager for iOS. Actually, all that you need to download files without any external library.

akuassetmanager icon akuassetmanager


akutestkit icon akutestkit

This is randomly generated strings, date, number, etc.

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