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Microsoft Azure's Projects

.github icon .github

Default Community Health Files for the Azure organization on GitHub

3dpinballai icon 3dpinballai

Build your own Machine Learning setup to train a reinforcement model to play Pinball in software.

aace icon aace

Microsoft Azure AI Customer Engineering team code repo

aad-auth-proxy icon aad-auth-proxy

Azure Active Directory authentication proxy is an http proxy that is design to add authentication information required to talk to Microsoft Azure services.

aad-extension icon aad-extension

HiveMQ extension for demonstrating the HiveMQ extension system

aad-pod-identity icon aad-pod-identity

[DEPRECATED] Assign Azure Active Directory Identities to Kubernetes applications. icon

Documentation site for the AAD Pod Identity project for docs, blogs, and project info.

aad.fs icon aad.fs

F# WebAPI endpoint protection based on Azure AD roles

abfs-backport icon abfs-backport

This project will provide a bash script and the backported jar. The bash script will patch the cluster with the backported hadoop-azure jar.

aca-dotnet-workshop icon aca-dotnet-workshop

A Dotnet Azure Container Apps workshop showcasing how to accelerate developers' ability to develop and ship distributed applications.

aca-java-runtimes-workshop icon aca-java-runtimes-workshop

Host the code and the documentation of the Azure Container Apps workshop for Java runtimes (Quarkus, Micronaut, Spring Boot)

aca-landing-zone-accelerator icon aca-landing-zone-accelerator

The Azure Container Apps landing zone accelerator is an open-source collection of architectural guidance and reference implementation to accelerate deployment of Azure Container Apps at scale.

aca-review-apps icon aca-review-apps

Enable GitHub developers to create a new revision of Azure Container App for review by using GitHub Actions

accord-net icon accord-net

The project is a fork of open source project which is intended to address issues in the official accord-net project.

ace-dtis icon ace-dtis

Distributed training of Image segmentation on Azure Machine Learning

ace-kma icon ace-kma

Microsoft Azure Knowledge Mining getting started sample

ace-luna icon ace-luna

Sell your application through Azure Marketplace SaaS offer using Project Luna

ace_azure_ml icon ace_azure_ml

This repository contains training material related to Azure and Machine Learning

aci-deploy icon aci-deploy

Enable GitHub developers to deploy to Azure Container Instances using GitHub Actions

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