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blackdex icon blackdex

BlackDex is an Android unpack tool, it supports Android 5.0~12 and need not rely to any environment. BlackDex can run on any Android mobile phones or emulators, you can unpack APK File in several seconds.

book icon book


gdr icon gdr

Gradle 图形化依赖关系导出工具

hugo-book icon hugo-book

Hugo documentation theme as simple as plain book

kson icon kson

使用 kotlin 实现的 JSON 解析器(只有 150 行代码)

lancet icon lancet

A lightweight and fast AOP framework for Android App and SDK developers

lynx-native icon lynx-native

Run native apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript.

mosaic icon mosaic

An experimental tool for building console UI in Kotlin using the Jetpack Compose compiler/runtime

okhttp icon okhttp

Square’s meticulous HTTP client for the JVM, Android, and GraalVM.

quickjs icon quickjs

Public repository of the QuickJS Javascript Engine. Pull requests are not accepted. Use the mailing list to submit patches.

various icon various


virtualapp icon virtualapp

Virtual Engine for Android(Support 12.0 in business version)

yddict icon yddict


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