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Tiago Queiroz's Projects

beats icon beats

:tropical_fish: Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash

codejam icon codejam

Solution for some Google CodeJam problems

containers-go icon containers-go

Some experiments of building a container system from scratch in Go

django-mobile icon django-mobile

Detect mobile browsers and serve different template flavours to them.

django-multiqueryset icon django-multiqueryset

A class to wrapper Django QuerySets and lists together providing slice and access to specific elements

django-storages icon django-storages

github version of django-storages ... Support for many storages (S3, MogileFS, etc) in Django. Documentation: ... If you want to contribute changes please visit their Bitbucket website

dojo icon dojo

A repository to register code of any coding dojo I participated

dotfiles icon dotfiles

My configuration files for ZSH and things like that

e2e-testing icon e2e-testing

Formal verification of Elastic-Agent and more using BDD

ec2dashboard icon ec2dashboard

Dashboard that shows the healthcheck of your ec2 instances

elastic-agent icon elastic-agent

Elastic Agent - single, unified way to add monitoring for logs, metrics, and other types of data to a host.

elastic-agent-shipper icon elastic-agent-shipper

Data shipper for the Elastic Agent - single, unified way to add monitoring for logs, metrics, and other types of data to a host.

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