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James Miller's Projects

bugsnaglambda icon bugsnaglambda

Sample project that reproduces issue reporting to Bugsnag from AWS Lambda

cs5ja icon cs5ja

Coursework for CS5JA - Nostalgia (UCSB)

decimal icon decimal

Arbitrary-precision fixed-point decimal numbers in go

enom icon enom

Enom API - Ruby Wrapper

ey-cloud-recipes icon ey-cloud-recipes

A starter repo for custom chef recipes on EY's cloud platform. These are for reference, and do not indicate a supported status.

form-builder icon form-builder

Simple Rails app form builder for easily creating web forms for others to submit

form-builder-generator icon form-builder-generator

Form builder generator gem - Easily add form building to your existing Rails project and tweak to your liking

grin icon grin

Ruby API Wrapper for Fotogger

jquery-autocomplete icon jquery-autocomplete

jQuery Auto-Complete Plugin -- modification of

lambdaerrorlevel icon lambdaerrorlevel

Demonstrate issue logging aws-lambda-go errors using application log levels

listoff-iphone icon listoff-iphone

iPhone application for ListOff - just playing with iPhone native => Rails

listoff-rails icon listoff-rails

Rails application for ListOff - just playing with iPhone native => Rails

netaddr icon netaddr

Fork of NetAddr: Automate the subnetting/supernetting of IP space, performing calculations on IP CIDR blocks, and other stuff

sshkey icon sshkey

SSH private and public key generator in pure Ruby (RSA & DSA)

upload-google-play icon upload-google-play

A GitHub action to upload an Android .apk or .aab file to the Google Play Console

vanity icon vanity

Serverless web service for configuring and managing custom domains in your app

vault icon vault

Application config variables key/value store. Generate conventional files (YAML, JSON) to drop into your deploy process.

vv icon vv

Pragmatic Studio Lab

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