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Ben Gamari's Projects

accelerate icon accelerate

Embedded language for high-performance array computations

active icon active

Time-varying values with start and end times.

ad icon ad

Automatic Differentiation

aeson icon aeson

A fast Haskell JSON library

analytics icon analytics

An open source database and data analysis platform in Haskell. Join us on freenode #haskell-lens.

aotf-config icon aotf-config

Tools for managing the Gooch & Housego R6404 AOTF driver

arbtt icon arbtt

arbtt, the automatic rule-based time-tracker

arduino-makefile icon arduino-makefile

Makefile for Arduino sketches. It defines the workflows for compiling code, flashing it to Arduino and even communicating through Serial.

array icon array


aws icon aws

Amazon Web Services for Haskell

b-tree icon b-tree

Haskell on-disk B* tree implementation

bayes-stack icon bayes-stack

Framework for Gibbs sampling of probabilistic models

beagle-daq icon beagle-daq

A high channel count data acquisition board design for the BeagleBoard

bike-trailer icon bike-trailer

A design for a bicycle-towed trailer to be used for, among other things, towing a kayaks

binary icon binary

Efficient, pure binary serialisation using ByteStrings in Haskell.

bindings-dsl icon bindings-dsl

Library and macros to simplify writing Haskell FFI code

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