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Bharadwaj Srigiriraju's Projects

angellistjobsearch icon angellistjobsearch

Abandonded my previous AngelListBusiness for a more generalised AngelList job search Application.

awesome-gitpod icon awesome-gitpod

🍊 Awesome Gitpod | A curated list of awesome Gitpod resources.

cli icon cli

A reference implementation for the specification that can create and configure a dev container from a devcontainer.json.

cockroach icon cockroach

CockroachDB - the open source, cloud-native distributed SQL database.

coldhands icon coldhands

Just another Simple browser built using Webkit

dashy icon dashy

🚀 A self-hostable personal dashboard built for you. Includes status-checking, widgets, themes, icon packs, a UI editor and tons more!

doesitarm icon doesitarm

🦾 A list of reported app support for Apple Silicon and the new Apple M1 processor

doom icon doom

Click the button below to compile doom and waste a couple hours playing doom in your browser:

dotfiles icon dotfiles

A set of vim, zsh, git, and tmux configuration files.

eksctl icon eksctl

The official CLI for Amazon EKS

fcm-django icon fcm-django

FCM Django: Send push notifications via django to websites, iOS & android mobile devices through FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)

features icon features

A collection of Dev Container Features managed by Dev Container spec maintainers. See to publish your own

gdt_search icon gdt_search

Meta search engine which uses Google, Duckduckgo and Twitter

google-hashcode icon google-hashcode

Solutions for Google hashcode 2020 (practice problem solution within, will add main one later)

hitwicket-autobid icon hitwicket-autobid

To autobid on players in Hitwicket - used this to become most valuable player in the world in around 6 months.

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