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nova-multiselect-filter's Introduction

Nova Multiselect Filter

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This Laravel Nova package adds a multiselect to Nova's filters.


  • php: >=7.2
  • laravel/nova: ^3.0


  • Multi select
  • Single select
  • Group select
  • Search







Install the package in a Laravel Nova project via Composer:

composer require optimistdigital/nova-multiselect-filter


The filter can be used when switching Filter class with MultiselectFilter.

use OptimistDigtal\NovaMultiselectFilter\MultiselectFilter;

class BooksByAuthorFilter extends MultiselectFilter
    public function apply(Request $request, $query, $value)
        return $query->whereHas('books', function ($query) use ($value) {
            $query->whereIn('author_id', $value);

    public function options(Request $request)
        return Authors::all()->pluck('name', 'id');

Option groups

Option groups are supported. Their syntax is the same as Laravel's option group syntax.

In this example (from Nova docs), all values are grouped by the group key:

    public function options(Request $request)
        return [
          'cat' => ['label' => 'Cat', 'group' => 'Pets'],
          'dog' => ['label' => 'Dog', 'group' => 'Pets'],
          'eagle' => ['label' => 'Eagle', 'group' => 'Birds'],
          'parrot' => ['label' => 'Parrot', 'group' => 'Birds'],


Possible options you can pass to the filter using the option name as a function, ie ->placeholder('Choose peanuts').

Option type default description
options Array|callable [] Options in an array as key-value pairs (['id' => 'value']).
placeholder String Field name The placeholder string for the input.
max Number Infinite The maximum number of options a user can select.
groupSelect Boolean false For use with option groups - allows the user to select whole groups at once
singleSelect Boolean false Makes the field act as a single select which also means the saved value will not be an array.
optionsLimit Number 1000 The maximum number of options displayed at once. Other options are still accessible through searching.


The translations file can be published by using the following publish command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="OptimistDigital\NovaMultiselectFilter\FieldServiceProvider" --tag="translations"

You can then edit the strings to your liking.


This package was inspired by klepak/nova-multiselect-filter


This project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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