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bujosa's Projects

acamar icon acamar

This is a simple project related with rust and mongo

achernar icon achernar

Achernar is a project about serverless using cloud run, storage, mongoose, and pub-sub.

achird icon achird

Achird is a simple project related with Android + Java + Api 31 | This application is inspired by the design of the apple calculator.

acrab icon acrab

This is a simple project about pubsub in rust

acrux icon acrux

Ethereum bootcamp #AlchemyUniversity w1 to w3

acubens icon acubens

This is a simple project related with flutter

adhafera icon adhafera

Frontend application for ACME-Explorer, made with Angular.

adhil icon adhil

This is a simple project in rust about modules, json and vectors

agena icon agena

This a simple project using D3 and chartjs

ain icon ain

This is a simple project about rust and testing

alamak icon alamak

Simple project with and NodeJS

alasia icon alasia

This is a simple project in rust, about procedural macros

albali icon albali

This is a simple project in rust using spotify api

alcyone icon alcyone

This is a simple application in Rust using coingecko api

aldebaran icon aldebaran

Example use APP ENGINE with Python3, ThreadPool and webScraping

aldulfin icon aldulfin

This is a simple repo in rust about macros

alfirk icon alfirk

This is a simple project in rust, about macros

algol icon algol

This is a simple project related with firefly sdk, to try to create and interface using the stack enviroment

alkalurops icon alkalurops

This is a simple smart contract in solidity, is just for university tesis US

alkes icon alkes

This is a simple project using Hyperledger is for learning porpuses

alnilam icon alnilam

This Project is for practices concurrency, parallelism and another terms use in go

alpha icon alpha

This is my first project related with Solidity.

alrakis icon alrakis

This project is about using bark in python, just for fun

alshain icon alshain

Alshain Golang is a project about go and MongoDB.

alya icon alya

This is a simple project in flutter, related with cloud messaging for notifications

ancha icon ancha

This is a simple project about using firestore in flutter

andromeda icon andromeda

This is a game to find out how fast you are typing in one minute.

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