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We build Software for almost all Platforms, Purposes and Usecases. Here meets professionell Development the flexibility it takes to achieve whatever it has to achieve.

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calipsow's Projects

foto-gallery-app icon foto-gallery-app

Unsplash API based picture gallery web application. (Including Backend Server using Express)

redditbot icon redditbot

Reddit-Bot for automate posting new stuff! Feel free to update or submit bugs. This Bot is not up to date and could have some issues because the reddit page hase changed. The Bot creates a new post with multiple pictures text and links.

soft-ui-react-native icon soft-ui-react-native

Start your development with a Design System for React-Native inspired by Soft UI Design System.

tts-model-server icon tts-model-server

text to speech model accessible through a server-based API to generate vocals from text

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