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Cam Saul's Projects

.emacs.d icon .emacs.d

My new Emacs config. Keeps getting bigger

aleph icon aleph

asynchronous communication for clojure

antq icon antq

Point out your outdated dependencies.

awesome-clojure icon awesome-clojure

A curated list of awesome Clojure libraries and resources. Inspired by awesome-... stuff

basicauth icon basicauth

Basic HTTP authentication middleware for Crow

bird-kit-x icon bird-kit-x

Objective-C utilities. Fork of BirdKit (

birdkit icon birdkit

iOS Classes and Categories Used Throughout LuckyBird's Apps

cam-lisp icon cam-lisp

Experimental Lisp implementation in C++17 to practice my rusty C++ skills

cider icon cider

CIDER is a Clojure Interactive Development Environment that Rocks for Emacs

clj-kondo-hook-map-bug-repro icon clj-kondo-hook-map-bug-repro

This repro is to demonstrate how to reproduce Do not star it, only a crazy person would do that.

cljfmt icon cljfmt

A tool for formatting Clojure code

clojure-deps-edn icon clojure-deps-edn

User level aliases and Clojure CLI configuration for deps.edn based projects

clojure-sudoku-solver icon clojure-sudoku-solver

A sudoku solver I wrote as I was learning Clojure. The algorithm isn't necessarily the fastest or most comprehensive (it probably won't solve very difficult puzzles), but it is only 25 lines.

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