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Hi, I'm Belinda Cao 👨‍💻‍

I'm working in Bytedance Inc., living in Shanghai.

This is me

  • 擅长 React 技术栈,推崇 TypeScript。

  • 喜欢有意思、有挑战的工作,共同探索不一样的解决方案。

  • 喜欢和简单的人一起工作,我们只有一个目标 —— 把产品做得更好。

  • "用自己的一点点努力去改变世界" 是我的梦想 ~~


当前工作在字节跳动 Web Infra Web Solution 团队,主要负责 Modern.js 和内部 Jupiter 前端框架开发,感兴趣的可以联系我内推!

Belinda Cao's Projects

blog icon blog


bootstrap icon bootstrap

The most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

changesets icon changesets

🦋 A way to manage your versioning and changelogs with a focus on monorepos

codesmith icon codesmith

Micro generator for development life-cycle.

d3-hexbin icon d3-hexbin

Group two-dimensional points into hexagonal bins.

docusaurus icon docusaurus

Easy to maintain open source documentation websites.

fancyinput icon fancyinput

Makes typing in input fields fun with CSS3 effects

five_chess icon five_chess


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