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Christian Clauss's Projects

.github icon .github

Default configuration for @cclauss repos

2d_detection icon 2d_detection

TensorFlow implementation of SqueezeDet, trained on the KITTI dataset.

3cardmonte icon 3cardmonte

Three card money game using Pythonista scene model

3d-sdn icon 3d-sdn

[NeurIPS 2018] 3D-Aware Scene Manipulation via Inverse Graphics

3dpwn icon 3dpwn

VirtualBox 3D exploits & PoCs

4most-4gp-scripts icon 4most-4gp-scripts

The 4MOST Galactic Pipeline (4GP): command line interface for spectral analysis.

a-shell icon a-shell

A terminal for iOS, with multiple windows

ab3dmot icon ab3dmot

Official python implementation for "A Baseline for 3D Multi-Object Tracking"

acai icon acai

Code for "Understanding and Improving Interpolation in Autoencoders via an Adversarial Regularizer"

ace icon ace

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

achoo icon achoo

Achoo uses a Raspberry Pi to predict if my son will need his inhaler on any given day using weather, pollen, and air quality data. If the prediction for a given day is above a specified threshold, the Pi will email his school nurse, and myself, notifying her that he may need preemptive treatment.

action icon action

a GitHub action to install (pre-release) pythons from deadsnakes

actionai icon actionai

custom human activity recognition modules by pose estimation and cascaded inference using sklearn API

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