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Hi, there 👋

I'm York Chan, Front-End Developer focusing on React, Vue, Typescript, Babel, and NodeJS, dedicated to building useful tools for people and having a strong interest in reversed engineering.

  • graceful-ui: A tiny ant-design-like UI library for learning purpose

  • lodash-tiny: A utility function library, including date, string, array, event-bus and other commonly used tools

  • promise-tiny: A simple promise implementation, based on the browser event loop, use setTimeout(_,0) under the hook

  • vue-tiny: A tiny Vue3 implementation with composition API

  • jsx-parser-runtime-tiny: A tiny JSX runtime parser

  • babel-tiny: A simple babel implementation that can be used to parse javascript grammar, including parser, traverser, core, cli

  • angular-tiny: A tiny AngularJS-like framework with a dependency injection system a custom directive system and supports for modular component development

  • react-tiny: A simple React implementation

For more, you can reach me on Twitter, Facebook and my Blog.

YorkChan6228's Projects

fe-essay icon fe-essay


fre icon fre

:ghost: Tiny Footprint Concurrent UI library for Fiber.

js-rocks icon js-rocks

A Javascript library rebuild series. React, Vue, Lodash, Promise, Babel, etc

preact icon preact

⚛️ Fast 3kB React alternative with the same modern API. Components & Virtual DOM.

reactive-resume icon reactive-resume

A one-of-a-kind resume builder that keeps your privacy in mind. Completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source and free forever. Try it out today!

umi icon umi

A framework in react community ✨

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