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Hey there, I'm Wenhao Tian, but you can call me Chris! 👋

I'm a software developer currently located in Vancouver, Canada. I enjoy building full-stack apps, front-end projects, and exploring new things through side projects. Currently I'm working on a AI real estate platform that helps users to quickly search and learn properties in their targeted region.

My keen interests in computer science was sparked in my junior year in college, when I was pursuing a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. In my mechtronice class, I learned C++ to program my first Arduino project, a reverse parking sensor, and was blown away with the excitement of how much things programming can do. Since then, I took a few more courses to graduate college with a minor in Computer Science. In the following years, I dedicate myself pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science degree from Boston University, where I learned much more exciting things like machine learning, web development, database management, SQL/NoSQL, the list goes on. Now, I'm enjoying my life coding and learning. Cheers!

🛠️ Skills & Tools

Here are some of the technologies and tools I work with:

HTML5   CSS3   JavaScript   typescript React   Redux   Node.js   express-js nextjs tailwindcss

MongoDB material-ui prisma-orm bootstrap

AWS   Python   C   MySQL   Linux   java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 r-project

🌱 Currently Learning


I'm on a journey to enhance my development skills, and I'm currently diving deep into Next.js 14, I have a repo that keeps track of my learning journey! This Next.js project is aiming to build a tech ticketing web app that not only handles the CRUD of tickets, but also demonstrates the power of server side rendering combined with partial rendering that speeds up the loading and greatly enhances the SEO capabilities. The UI is crafted using TailwindCSS and Shadcn UI. These tools provide great looking UI components while making it highly customizable and quick to use.

🔨 Currently Working On

I'm currently dedicating my efforts to the following projects and tasks:

  1. AI Real Estate Web App: Continuing development on a web app for AI Real Estate startup project, Azula AI. Azula AI makes it much more efficient and easier for clients who are interested in searching or buying real estate properties. With the assistant of Azula AI, clients can quickly search properties matches their need and get real time answers about their interested properties.

  2. React Advancement: Advancing my skills in React by working on personal projects and exploring advanced concepts.

  3. Learning Next.js 14: Actively learning and experimenting with Next.js. Check out my Ticketing project that tracks my learning!

📫 Let's Connect

Feel free to reach out to me or connect on social media:

LinkedIn Instagram

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to explore my repositories and don't hesitate to get in touch. Let's collaborate and create something amazing together! 🚀

Wenhao Tian's Projects

yelp_camp icon yelp_camp

This is an full-stack web application that allows users to post their favorite campgrounds and view campgrounds posted by other users and give rating and comments.

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