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Fredrik Tibbling's Projects

a11y-github-actions icon a11y-github-actions

This is a demo repository to illustrate how to test web accessibility using Github Actions.

axe-core icon axe-core

Accessibility engine for automated Web UI testing

badget icon badget

Badget aims to simplify financial management with a user-friendly interface and robust backend

blog icon blog

OLD VERSION of the blog. Kept for historical purposes.

bright icon bright

React Server Component for syntax highlighting

bundle-wizard icon bundle-wizard

Magically easy insight into the JavaScript loaded by a web app

capsize icon capsize

Flipping how we define typography in CSS.

cascadia-code icon cascadia-code

This is a fun, new monospaced font that includes programming ligatures and is designed to enhance the modern look and feel of the Windows Terminal.

chart.js icon chart.js

Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag

cli icon cli

Snyk CLI scans and monitors your projects for security vulnerabilities.

clsx icon clsx

A tiny (228B) utility for constructing `className` strings conditionally.

dequal icon dequal

A tiny (304B to 489B) utility to check for deep equality

dnd icon dnd

Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React.

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