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Hello there! Iโ€™m the CEO of Nakazawa Tech and I live in Tokyo with my wife and two daughters. Iโ€™m currently building Athena Crisis.

Originally from Austria, I've been creating video games and social networks since 2002. I spent the 2010s at Facebook in Menlo Park and London managing JavaScript Infrastructure and the React Native team. I built Jest, Metro, Yarn, and MooTools.

I aim to build in the open and publish as much of my technology stack as possible. I write about Frontend Development, Engineering Management, Leadership, User Experience, and more. If you want to support this work, please consider a GitHub sponsorship.

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Christoph Nakazawa's Projects

ast-types icon ast-types

Esprima-compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API

babel icon babel

Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

cli-usage icon cli-usage

Easily show the usage of your CLI tool from a Markdown string or file

commoner icon commoner

Flexible tool for translating any dialect of JavaScript to Node-readable CommonJS modules

delta icon delta

A syntax-highlighting pager for git, diff, and grep output

draft-js icon draft-js

A React framework for building text editors.

enzyme icon enzyme

JavaScript Testing utilities for React

esprima icon esprima

ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis

fbjs icon fbjs

A collection of utility libraries used by other Facebook JS projects.

fbt icon fbt

A JavaScript Internationalization Framework

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