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2018-nxp-cuit-wd icon 2018-nxp-cuit-wd

第十三届全国大学生恩智浦杯智能汽车竞赛 电磁直立组 成都信息工程大学 成信WD队

ai-edu icon ai-edu

AI education materials for Chinese students, teachers and IT professionals.

bokeh icon bokeh

Interactive Data Visualization in the browser, from Python

butler_matrix icon butler_matrix

A 4 X 4 butler matrix beamforming network used to feed a phased array of antenna elements.

cdbus_ip icon cdbus_ip

CDBUS Protocol and the IP Core for FPGA users

clock-tamer icon clock-tamer

Compact low-cost configurable clock generator with GPS sync option

daisho icon daisho

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 FPGA platform

diebiems icon diebiems

Electric skateboard oriented battery management system.

docusaurus icon docusaurus

Easy to maintain open source documentation websites.

drsstc-pcb-pack icon drsstc-pcb-pack

A pack of PCBs for a dual resonant solid state tesla coil setup. Pretty much everything you need.

dsview icon dsview

An open source multi-function instrument for everyone

duband icon duband

duband1.0 对应的公版版本为 1.0

easyflash icon easyflash

Lightweight IoT device information storage solution. Make the flash to be a small KV database. | 轻量级物联网设备信息存储方案,让 Flash 成为小型 KV 数据库

emc_tools icon emc_tools

experimental open hardware e-field and h-field probes and LISN

esp-xvcd icon esp-xvcd

ESP8266 Xilinx Virtual Cable - wifi JTAG

fmcw icon fmcw

6GHz frequency-modulated continuous-wave radar with real-time range detection

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