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Dan Knox's Projects

actioncable icon actioncable

Framework for real-time communication over websockets

active_merchant icon active_merchant

Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is written by Tobias Luetke, Cody Fauser, and contributors. The aim of the project is to feel natural to Ruby users and to abstract as many parts as possible away from the user to offer a consistent interface across all supported gateways.

cookietracker icon cookietracker

Easily synchronizes settings stored in cookies with instance variables of the same name available for use in controllers and views.

disque icon disque

Disque is a distributed message broker

dotjs icon dotjs

~/.js — No longer maintained, sorry.

fog icon fog

The Ruby cloud services library.

genxpath icon genxpath

A simple xpath generator for the JavaScript generation.

gitlabhq icon gitlabhq

Project management and code hosting application. Follow us on twitter @gitlabhq

gotty icon gotty

Share your terminal as a web application

guard-rspec icon guard-rspec

Guard::RSpec automatically run your specs (much like autotest)

influxdb-rails icon influxdb-rails

Ruby on Rails bindings to automatically write metrics into InfluxDB

laptop icon laptop

A shell script which turns your OS X laptop into an awesome web development machine.

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