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David Martínez Ros's Projects

3d-scene-at-sea photo 3d-scene-at-sea

I want to show a 3D Scene done with THREE.js showing the sea with some interactive sceje objects. It could be use like a Angular web background.

3DHouse photo 3DHouse

This example show how to create a plane of house with lines in 3D using WebGl (is an example in progess that I do at home). You could find the API of treejs here:

3dProject photo 3dProject

First 3D Project for beginning learning 3D in Angular2.

3dThreeTemplateDemo photo 3dThreeTemplateDemo

This app is a demo of the 3dThreeTemplate Angular Component

angular-quickstart photo angular-quickstart

How to make your first Angular2 Component: with app.component, app.module (that load the app.component) and main that initialize the application. Here is the explanation:

angular-tour-of-heroes-by-me photo angular-tour-of-heroes-by-me

On this example, you have many of the features we expect to find in a full-blown, data-driven application: acquiring and displaying a list of heroes, editing a selected hero's detail, and navigating among different views of heroic data. Here is the tutorial:

angular-tour-of-heroes-by-me-with-cli photo angular-tour-of-heroes-by-me-with-cli

The same application example in my repository: but now integrating the application with angular-cli: and with some changes: http service and edit, remove and search hero with an in-memory-data.service.

app-3d-three-template photo app-3d-three-template

3d angular component template for three.js: The component makes it easy the work to representing 3D scenes in the browser with the Three.js library.

art-web-design photo art-web-design

Create an Angular 7 Web App Responsive with Bootstrap, Angular-Cli, NavBar and Footer

background-cubes-threejs photo background-cubes-threejs

Using Three.js, I want to make some differents backgrounds with differents geometries. This one will use Cubes.

bind-json-array-to-draggable-portlets photo bind-json-array-to-draggable-portlets

Bind Json Array to Draggable Portlets: The component is an easy representation of a webpage structurate in draggable portlets binding with a json file. It could be useful for a notice portal or a webpage the need to interchange them content.

bind-json-array-to-html-table photo bind-json-array-to-html-table

Here comes an Angular-Cli application with a service that returns a json file structure that is print in an html template file like an html table. Inspired in this AngularJS example:

chessRobot photo chessRobot

Thinking thinking I've found a solution for create the Chess Robot Invencible. It consists in a Graph of Chip Movement and where the next movement always is the shortest way to get checkmate.

component-divs-project photo component-divs-project

This project shows how to drag and drop divs in the screen with the mouse and how to create these divs with a json file.

component-tree-project photo component-tree-project

This project shows how to create a tree component with recursive component structure. My experience in trees comes from the design of xsl showing trees in java. And now I want to prove do that in Angular2.

components-animations-project photo components-animations-project

This project contains animations for your web components (extends them and implements the html template and the css file and your have your component animated.

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