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David Pate's Projects

aws-dms-user-guide icon aws-dms-user-guide

The open source version of the AWS DMS docs. You can submit feedback & requests for changes by submitting issues in this repo or by making proposed changes & submitting a pull request.

bloc icon bloc

Functional Reactive array filtering and aggregation with a MongoDB inspired syntax.

decompose-url icon decompose-url

A quick and easy URL decomposer for breaking URLs into their constituent parts.

diablo3_builder icon diablo3_builder

Diablo 3 Character Planning tool created from the Diablo3_Scraper JSON.

diablo3_scraper icon diablo3_scraper

A data mining PHP script created to produce a usable JSON response which can be used to display information about Diablo 3 Classes, Followers, Items, Artistans, and other information.

html4-id icon html4-id

Create a valid HTML4 ID from an input value.

isip icon isip

Pure Javascript implementation for truly checking if the provided input is an IP address. Based on RFC 791 (IPv4) RFC 4291 (IPv6) and RFC 4632 (CIDR)

isuri icon isuri

Pure Javascript implementation for truly checking if the provided input is an URI. Based on RFC 3986.

js-bench icon js-bench

I really like to know the performance differences of things, this allows me to do just that.

jsonxmlcompare icon jsonxmlcompare

Library comparing Json parsing methods (through GSON and Jackson) and XML parsing both locally and remotely (including the time it takes to retrieve a payload)

message-example icon message-example

Example Node.JS & AngularJS Application using AWS for a simple chat platform.

node-fs-wishlist icon node-fs-wishlist

Mixins for the Node.JS file system adding the functionality we wish it had

peg icon peg

API testing through configuration

pendragon icon pendragon

Repository for Pendragon rules as a reference for myself.

reading-xml-resources icon reading-xml-resources

An example of how to read XML Resources in Android for configuration and other purposes. Corresponding blog post:

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