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Kumar Gaurav's Projects

antd-admin icon antd-admin

A admin dashboard application demo built upon Ant Design and Dva.js

graphqlgen-repro-unhandledpromise icon graphqlgen-repro-unhandledpromise

An attempt to reproduce [issue #449](; to be shared with team [`graphqlgen`](

ignitedcurrencyconverter icon ignitedcurrencyconverter

Recreating the Currency Converter React Native app from the free course "React Native Basics: Build a Currency Converter" by Spencer Carli; using Ignite CLI for project structure and boilerplate, Reactotron for debugging, react-native-elements for UI components, and react-router-native for navigation (instead of React Navigation).

prisma-link-beta-bug-repro icon prisma-link-beta-bug-repro

Reproduction of [prisma issue]( to be shared with `prisma github` repo

react-native-gif-search icon react-native-gif-search

An easy-to-use, highly customizable react-native package for searching and selecting from a list of gifs and/or stickers using the Tenor and/or the Giphy API

shield-fallback-deny icon shield-fallback-deny

This repo is a reproduction of the issue #298, meant to be reviewed by team `shield`, specifically against the request of maticzav

stream-react-example icon stream-react-example

Use React and Redux to build your own feature-rich and scalable social network app! Visit for an overview of all 8 tutorials and a live demo.

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