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💫 About Me:

  • 🔭 I’m currently working on React/Ethereum
  • 👯 I’m looking to collaborate on Web3.0

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FreeCodeCamp React

💻 Tech Stack:


JavaScript PHP Python Solidity


React Next JS Laravel MUI


Cloudflare Vercel Supabase Azure



Disney's Projects

bitmex-funding-pine-script icon bitmex-funding-pine-script

TradingView Pine script for the BitMEX XBTUSD perpetual swaps contract premium index (XBTUSDPI) and emulated predicted funding rate.

crypto-signal icon crypto-signal

Automated Crypto Trading & Technical Analysis (TA) Bot for Bittrex, Binance, GDAX, and more! (250+ coins)

darc icon darc

Decentralized Autonomous Regulated Company (DARC), a company virtual machine that runs on any EVM-compatible blockchain, with on-chain law system, multi-level tokens and dividends mechanism.

do-ikev1 icon do-ikev1

你再也不用担心你的女票不会自己在 DigitalOcean 上安装 Cisco IPSec 的微屁恩了。

enterprise-registration-data-of-chinese-mainland icon enterprise-registration-data-of-chinese-mainland

**大陆 31 个省份1978 年至 2019 年一千多万工商企业注册信息,包含企业名称、注册地址、统一社会信用代码、地区、注册日期、经营范围、法人代表、注册资金、企业类型等详细资料。This repository is an dataset of over 10,000,000 enterprise registration data of 31 provinces in Chinese mainland from 1978 to 2019.【工商大数据】、【企业信息】、【enterprise registration data】。

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