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Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate | Software Reliable By Design | Reactive | Distributed | Real-Time | ML AI NoOps



Acting as subject matter expert, immediate interests represented with self-scalable k8s-cluster-aware and self-healing apps, based on near real-time metrics with focus on reliability, security, self-isolation and instantaneous stateful mapping as code, including custom defined resources, also AIOps, MLOps, DevSecOps, all in scope of SRE. I have been implementing near real-time data aggregation, event tracking, event driven processing for terabytes of data in various projects (aka asset classes). A benchmark would be from ca. 1 billion data points a set per minute, hour, day, week, month depending on type of metric, format and need. I developed scalable distributed computing solutions to achieve that. Earlier I was developing software for banking and finance (reactive streams, metrics and performance tracking, fault tolerant event handling, portals and dashboarding), also components of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software for pharma and biotech (GMP), and robotics solutions for microchip FABs (CPU and NAND), FOUP transport and management (SECS, HSMS).


Alexander Chernov's Projects

.github icon .github

Community health files for the @localstack organization

.github-1 icon .github-1

Default Community health files for Facebook projects

.tmux icon .tmux

🇫🇷 Oh my tmux! My self-contained, pretty & versatile tmux configuration made with ❤️

.vim icon .vim

Sensible yet opinionated Vim configuration

10kthreads icon 10kthreads

Show that handling 10k threads with thread per connection is possible

123elf icon 123elf

A native port of Lotus 1-2-3 to Linux.

1991 icon 1991

A server-side web framework written in Forth.

1backend icon 1backend

Run your web apps easily with a complete platform that you can install on any server. Build composable microservices and lambdas.

1bitr icon 1bitr

Minimalistic text-based 1-bit music tracker

1keys icon 1keys

A 1 Kilobyte JavaScript Piano

1loc icon 1loc

What's your favorite JavaScript single LOC (line of code)?

1m-go-tcp-server icon 1m-go-tcp-server

benchmarks for implementation of servers which support 1 million connections

24daysofrust icon 24daysofrust

Code examples accompanying my "24 days of Rust" article series.

30-seconds-of-code icon 30-seconds-of-code

Curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.

3201 icon 3201

A new CPU for the rest of us

3mux icon 3mux

Terminal multiplexer inspired by i3

3proxy icon 3proxy

3proxy - tiny free proxy server

7z icon 7z

Because 7-zip source code was in a 7z archive [mirror]

8088ify icon 8088ify

Intel 8080 CP/M 2.2 to Intel 8086/8088 MS-DOS assembly translator.

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