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  • 📖 Pursuing PhD in Data Science & Engineering @ The University of Tennessee.

  • 🎓 Conducting research on AI and Computer Vision @ the AICIP Lab.

  • 💻 Currently building Masked Image Modeling models for Remote Sensing data.

🖥️ Open-Source Projects

Machine Learning PyPi Packages
Title Stars Technologies
Minecraft-AI Stars TF
3D Semantic Segmentation Stars PyTorch OpenCV
Bert Rinehart Novels Stars PyTorch Spacy
Car Accidents Pred. Stars Pandas SciPy
Hybrid Girvan Newman Stars HGNPub PySpark
COVID19 Vacc. Pred. Stars TF
Instagram Likes Pred. Stars TF OpenCV
RL Value Iteration Stars NumPy
Vanilla Numpy CNN Stars NumPy
Vanilla Numpy NN Stars NumPy
Title Stars Technologies
High SQL Stars SQLPyPi MySQL
CircleCI SQLDown
Cloud File Manager Stars CloudPyPi Dropbox
CircleCI CloudDown
YAML Wrapper Stars YamlPyPiCircleCI
Color Logger Stars LogPyPi CircleCI
Email Sender Stars MailPyPi Gmail
CircleCI MailDown
Benchmark Tools Stars BenchPyPi CircleCI
Bots Misc Projects
Title Stars Technologies
Youtube Comment Bot Stars YT Gmail Dropbox
CircleCI Heroku
Job Application Bot Stars Gmail Dropbox
CircleCI Heroku
Title Stars Technologies
Spotify Button Presser Stars Raspberry Spotify
Cross The Floor Stars Sankey Diagram
2D Shooter Game Stars p5
Quantum Mechanics Quiz App Stars android
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Kostas Georgiou's Projects

cloud-filemanager icon cloud-filemanager

A high-level filemanager utility for cloud services. Currently only Dropbox is supported.

cross-the-floor icon cross-the-floor

Uses Sankey Diagrams to visualize politicians that have "crossed the floor" from election to election.

dark-mode-franz-ferdi icon dark-mode-franz-ferdi

Support Dark mode for Franz and Ferdi's services (Facebook messenger, Workplace, Slack, Whatsapp etc.)

dsl icon dsl

CVPR2022 paper "Dense Learning based Semi-Supervised Object Detection"

eestech-bigdata-challenge icon eestech-bigdata-challenge

EESTech Challenge is a brand new competition organized by EESTEC, that has the aim to create opportunities for European students to gain knowledge in the field of EECS and develop a professional network. The technological topic of 2017-2018ths competition was Big Data. This is the code I sumbitted with my team (BFS), which consisted of 3 members in total.

hgn icon hgn

Hybrid Girvan Newman. Code for the "A Distributed Hybrid Community Detection Methodology for Social Networks" paper.

high-sql icon high-sql

A high-level sql command utility. Currently only MySQL is supported.

ieeextreme10.0_hackerrank icon ieeextreme10.0_hackerrank

IEEEXtreme 24-Hour Competition(Hackerrank) attempts(Python). Some of our Team's (LocalHostage) attempts(in PHP) are not included in this repository.

jobapplicationbot icon jobapplicationbot

A bot that automatically sends emails to new ads posted in any desired search url.

minecraft-ai icon minecraft-ai

A Reinforcement Learning agent that learns how to to solve maze missions in Minecraft.

mvcnmf icon mvcnmf

Unsupervised spectral unmixing by minimum-volume-constrained non-negative matrix factorization (MVC-NMF)

numpy-cnn icon numpy-cnn

A Vanilla Numpy-only Convolutional Neural Network.

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