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Thomas Amar's Projects

add-n icon add-n

addN is a function that initially takes a number and assign it to an increment variable. Calling the function again will add any number to the increment and return the result.

amar2000reactnative icon amar2000reactnative

iOS and Android client for the AMAR2000 office environment monitoring system (Netatmo web API).

blender-models icon blender-models

Learning Blender with Udemy and publishing my models in this public repository.

ebabel-home icon ebabel-home

Web application tool to communicate what I'm working on, get in touch, schedule meetings with me and possibly hire me

ebabel-library icon ebabel-library

DEPRECATED: use ebabel instead of ebabel-library. npm i --save ebabel

event-delegate icon event-delegate

Create a large number of buttons that open a popup window without adding an event listener to each button (not performant). Instead, the event listening is on the container form of the many buttons and the click event will bubble up from any of the buttons to the form where it gets handled.

fatty icon fatty

A serverless app that uses Azure Functions to show my current weight. It makes me publicly accountable

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