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Sanchez Eric's Projects

ace icon ace

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

advanced-react icon advanced-react

Starter Files and Solutions for Full Stack Advanced React and GraphQL

ai-template icon ai-template

Mercury - Train your own custom GPT. Chat with any file, or website.

andy icon andy

Open-Source Collection of Useful SASS Mixins Library

angular-desktop-app icon angular-desktop-app

This is a simple application skeleton to create desktop application using AngularJS. This application is using node-webkit as our desktop host, bower to install client-side libraries as well as normal npm modules as supported by node-webkit.

angular-locker icon angular-locker

A simple & configurable abstraction for local/session storage in angular projects

angular-websocket icon angular-websocket

The missing AngularJS 1.x WebSocket module for connecting client applications to servers.

anything-llm icon anything-llm

Open-source ChatGPT equivalent experience for both open and close source LLMs, embedders, and vector databases. Supports unlimited documents, threads, and concurrent users and management all in a very clean UI.

anytojson icon anytojson

Fetches CSV, JSON data from REST APIs, Flat Files etc and converts them to JSON. Extendible to support additional data formats

api icon api

๐Ÿ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ SaaS backend & API framework based on @nestjs

app-notify icon app-notify

Send SMS and email notifications from within your node.js app

appy icon appy

A user system to bootstrap your app.

ar.js icon ar.js

Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web using ARToolKit - 60fps on mobile!

artillery icon artillery

Modern load testing toolkit for HTTP,, WebSockets and more.

async icon async

Async utilities for node and the browser

athletetracker icon athletetracker

A JavaScript application for school coaches to track potential recruits.

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