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Andy Russell's Projects

async-tungstenite icon async-tungstenite

Async binding for Tungstenite, the Lightweight stream-based WebSocket implementation

atty icon atty

are you or are you not a tty?

aur icon aur


aurelius icon aurelius

A complete solution for previewing markdown written in Rust.

auto-gif icon auto-gif

Artificial Intelligence Final Project - Fall 2013

bendy icon bendy

A rust library for encoding and decoding bencode with enforced cannonicalization rules.

biscuit icon biscuit

JOSE (JSON Web Token) Library for Rust

carboxyl icon carboxyl

Functional Reactive Programming library for Rust

card icon card

make your credit card form better in one line of code

cargo-edit icon cargo-edit

A utility for adding cargo dependencies from the command line.

cargo-msrv icon cargo-msrv

🦀 Find the minimum supported Rust version (MSRV) for your project

circus-charlie icon circus-charlie

Objectdraw implementation of the classic "Circus Charlie" video game

cocoa-rs icon cocoa-rs

Cocoa/Objective-C bindings for the Rust programming language

core-foundation-rs icon core-foundation-rs

Rust bindings to Core Foundation and other low level libraries on Mac OS X and iOS

ctags icon ctags

A maintained ctags implementation

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