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=david.l.woolfenden's Projects

arc2 icon arc2

ARC RDF Classes for PHP

docker-solr icon docker-solr

A Docker build for Solr, to manage the official Docker hub solr image

docs icon docs

Documentation for the platform.

dspace icon dspace

(Official) The DSpace digital asset management system that powers your Institutional Repository

hapi icon hapi

Server Framework for Node.js

hellomap icon hellomap

Hello Map - An example Android app using the Inmarsat Global Xpress Location and AccessNetwork APIs

ovh-ui-kit icon ovh-ui-kit

OVH UI Kit - Master UI Framework (Soon used by vNext Manager Platform)

resin-aerofs icon resin-aerofs

WORK IN PROGRESS: An attempt at running AeroFS on with Docker in Docker

temboo icon temboo

Temboo Arduino Library v1.2 with added support for Spark Core

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