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Problems when running the experiment with docker about FAI-PEP HOT 4 CLOSED

DeeperMind avatar DeeperMind commented on May 10, 2019

When trying to run the experiment with docker for TFLite example, I encountered the following error:

+ python /tmp/FAI-PEP/benchmarking/ -b /tmp/FAI-PEP/specifications/models/tflite/mobilenet_v2/mobilenet_v2_0.35_96.json --config_dir /tmp/config
usage: [-h] [--app_id APP_ID] [-b BENCHMARK_FILE] [--lab]
                    [--logger_level {info,warning,error}] [--remote]
                    --root_model_dir ROOT_MODEL_DIR [--token TOKEN]
                    [-c CUSTOM_BINARY] [--pre_built_binary PRE_BUILT_BINARY]
                    [--user_string USER_STRING] error: argument --root_model_dir is require

Does anyone know how to resolve this? Did I missed anything before running the example?

from FAI-PEP.

Comments (4)

hl475 avatar hl475 commented on May 10, 2019

I checked, and I think root_model_dir is missing here. A quick solution is to add root_model_dir like this one into file. Can you try that out to see if that could solve the problem? If so, it will be much appreciated if you can create a PR to fix this as well as the one in

from FAI-PEP.

sf-wind avatar sf-wind commented on May 10, 2019

Right, please file a PR :) Thanks.

from FAI-PEP.

DeeperMind avatar DeeperMind commented on May 10, 2019 1

PR created. Thank you for your help!

from FAI-PEP.

hl475 avatar hl475 commented on May 10, 2019

PR landed. Thanks again!

from FAI-PEP.

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