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must adding comments for JSX? about react HOT 4 CLOSED

facebook avatar facebook commented on September 27, 2023
must adding comments for JSX?

from react.

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andreypopp avatar andreypopp commented on September 27, 2023

@mz121star as I understood, there can be only single comment (pragma?) at the top of a file.

P.S. I also don't like placing pragmas in my source code so I've built reactify source transform for browserify which transforms JSX files with .jsx extension into JS code. Though it doesn't work yet with react-tools from npm due to #10 (fixed but needs to be released on npm).

from react.

zpao avatar zpao commented on September 27, 2023

@mz121star It's an unfortunate side effect of releasing parts of the FB/Instagram infrastructure. That's how we do it internally and we didn't have enough time to clean up and get rid of it. That's very high on our list of things to do now that we've launched.

@andreypopp Nice! Cool to see that happening :) I'll push out the npm update shortly.

from react.

mz121star avatar mz121star commented on September 27, 2023

thanks, I get it.
react is gorgeous !

from react.

vjeux avatar vjeux commented on September 27, 2023

See #114 :)

from react.

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