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shamilium avatar shamilium commented on June 9, 2023 6

I have same issue.

from react.

haohuaZhang avatar haohuaZhang commented on June 9, 2023 2

I have same issue.

from react.

hoxyq avatar hoxyq commented on June 9, 2023


Can you please provide an example of the code that reproduces the problem?
Some useful tips on this:

from react.

bhanuUdai avatar bhanuUdai commented on June 9, 2023

from react.

80avin-sw avatar 80avin-sw commented on June 9, 2023

Getting same along with Invalid renderer id "1". I regularly use React devtools but noticed this only today (which means it might've appeared within last ~1 week).
Another particularly different thing which happens is that Devtools Element tree becomes kind-of disconnected from real VDOM. i.e. hovering doesn't highlight corresponding element in window, neither I can inspect new elements.

This used to happen previously also (since ~3-4 months), and I could work around it by Pressing Option + R (reload devtools).
Now, when I try to reload devtools in such situation, I get warning Invalid renderer id "1" and devtools goes into above mentioned state.

And, service worker logs this as error message

    "message": "Duplicate script ID 'hook'"

from react.

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