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Andarist avatar Andarist commented on October 3, 2023 1

@gaearon yes! I actually started to work on a PR locally - it's very draft-ish and I only fixed one of the discrepancies so far. Gonna open a draft PR later today.

from react.

Andarist avatar Andarist commented on October 3, 2023

I was just about to report the same issue (my repro case can be found here, it's prepared based on @jmca's repro for the issue caused by this - but it's essentially the same repro as yours).

I think that useInsertionEffect is essentially the same as useLayoutEffect, it's just that they have a "higher priority" and they are executed first, in a batch, before useLayoutEffects. So I'm heavily leaning towards your conclusion - this is a bug in React. All other semantics of layout effects should be shared between useInsertionEffect and useLayoutEffect (such as semantics in suspense boundaries, mounting/unmounting them appropriately in Offscreen components, their reappearing and more)

from react.

gaearon avatar gaearon commented on October 3, 2023

Seems like a bug. Anyone wants to look into fixing it?

from react.

Andarist avatar Andarist commented on October 3, 2023

To rephrase what the observed issue here is:

  1. insertion effects are not disconnected when the suspended subtree gets hidden
  2. they are also not disconnected when a different subtree gets finally rendered (when Suspense resumes~)
  3. to get them to disconnect we need to "revisit" the old component and switch away from it without suspending.
  4. this doesn't match how any other type of effects work. I'd expect those effects to get disconnected in the similar vein as layout effects are but if that's not desirable for some reason then they likely should be disconnected just like passive effects (or using some different semantics of their own but the bottom line is that they should be disconnected at some point)

from react.

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