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sophiebits avatar sophiebits commented on December 8, 2023

we want that the initial loading state to be visible without depending on React's JS to patch things up

Just to be clear, you're looking to avoid the couple lines of JS in the streaming runtime (

Curious – is there an actual reason this matters for you in practice or just that it feels unclean?

from react.

yepitschunked avatar yepitschunked commented on December 8, 2023

Yeah, we'd just rather not have a completely blank page when JS is disabled.

from react.

sophiebits avatar sophiebits commented on December 8, 2023

@sebmarkbage Thoughts on if it makes sense to have a way to start rendering the shell immediately but block when encountering the first Suspense boundary?

from react.

sebmarkbage avatar sebmarkbage commented on December 8, 2023

I don’t get. Why not just remove the Suspense boundary?

from react.

yepitschunked avatar yepitschunked commented on December 8, 2023

I think the React assumption is that the app shell doesn't depend on any network requests, or that you can wait for them before calling renderToPipeableStream.

We want to early flush style/link tags in our <head> ASAP; we can do this immediately since it's baked into the build from the bundler. We also have a skeleton loading state that depends on some network queries.

So we can either:

  1. renderToPipeableStream immediately to early flush, and wrap the skeleton in Suspense, which means the page is blank without Javascript
  2. Await the network queries first to avoid the Suspense boundary, which gets the skeleton displayed without Javascript, but will delay early flush

from react.

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