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mattcarrollcode avatar mattcarrollcode commented on December 8, 2023

Standard HTML forms provide the name and value of the button that submitted the form even if the button is outside the form tag:

from react.

SiddiqAM1 avatar SiddiqAM1 commented on December 8, 2023

import React, { useRef } from "react";

const Component = () => {
const submitButtonRef = useRef(null);

function action(formData) {

function handleSubmit(event) {

return (



export default Component;

from react.

SiddiqAM1 avatar SiddiqAM1 commented on December 8, 2023

Use a hidden submit button inside of the form tag and programmatically click it when the external button is clicked.

from react.

SiddiqAM1 avatar SiddiqAM1 commented on December 8, 2023

you can also use React Hook Form Library

from react.

mattcarrollcode avatar mattcarrollcode commented on December 8, 2023

This also seems to be a problem when using formAction on a button inside the form. If you have a button that has the formAction attribute the name and value of that button are not surfaced in the form data reguardless of whether the button is inside the form or outside the form.

Code example comparing a "default" submit button (which does surface the button's form data properly) and a button with the formAction attribute set with a client action handler:

from react.

sophiebits avatar sophiebits commented on December 8, 2023

Code pointer for debugging – it's meant to be added here:

if (submitter) {
// The submitter's value should be included in the FormData.
// It should be in the document order in the form.
// Since the FormData constructor invokes the formdata event it also
// needs to be available before that happens so after construction it's too
// late. We use a temporary fake node for the duration of this event.
// TODO: FormData takes a second argument that it's the submitter but this
// is fairly new so not all browsers support it yet. Switch to that technique
// when available.
const temp = submitter.ownerDocument.createElement('input'); =;
temp.value = submitter.value;
(submitter.parentNode: any).insertBefore(temp, submitter);
formData = new FormData(form);
(temp.parentNode: any).removeChild(temp);

from react.

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