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Nathan-Roberts123 avatar Nathan-Roberts123 commented on July 17, 2024

I noticed that too when I was installing react-devtools and ran npm audit. I got the same message.

from react.

Tarun-Mittal-cell avatar Tarun-Mittal-cell commented on July 17, 2024

I've reviewed the vulnerabilities for electron and got as outlined in this issue.

I'm ready to update electron to version 24+ and got to a secure version, ensuring all necessary compatibility checks and testing are performed according to the contribution guidelines.

Could you please confirm if this issue is still open for contribution, and if so, may I proceed with working on it?

Thank you!

from react.

hoxyq avatar hoxyq commented on July 17, 2024

Any contributions are welcomed, please open a PR and mention this issue.
To validate your solution, follow these steps:

  1. Run yarn build-for-devtools in the root of a cloned repo
  2. Run yarn build in packages/react-devtools-core
  3. Run yarn start in packages/react-devtools, this should open React DevTools in electron shell, then you can test it with React Native application, or React application in Safari (some changes might be required for this to work, see examples in the repo).

from react.

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