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ritikbanger avatar ritikbanger commented on July 17, 2024

The proposal looks fine but their are certain things here:

  1. Introducing a universal solution for component overrides might make the codebase harder to maintain in the long run. Developers might need to spend extra time understanding and debugging the context-based overrides, especially if the application grows in complexity.

  2. The proposed solution allows for the override of any component, which might lead to unexpected behavior. It breaks the usual contract between components and their consumers, potentially causing issues when different parts of the application rely on consistent component behavior.

React already provides mechanisms for component customization, such as props and higher-order components. These established patterns might be more familiar to developers and could be preferred over introducing a new context-based approach.

let me know your thoughts.

CC @rickhanlonii

from react.

rickhanlonii avatar rickhanlonii commented on July 17, 2024

It's clever, but dependency injection would violate the declarative principles of React since anything anywhere could override anything. If you need to provide a component to a library, that library should provide a prop, and if they dont then you can fork the library.

Closing as won't do, but thanks for the suggestion.

from react.

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